Al's Bar-B-Q sauce started out in the back yard. We would give 4th of July picnics, with over 250 family and friends coming to Dixon from as far as Los Angeles, which is 465 miles. With such a large crowd we felt we would go broke buying sauce. The sauces that were in the Supermarkets, just didn't have it, so we figured we could make our own.

Well, as they say the rest is history, we cooked up some sauces, and the aromas that came from those pots, and the taste, well it makes you stomp your feet.

In 1997, we started a mobile barbecue business, barbecuing at festivals in California and Nevada. We now serve up to 25,000 people, ribs, chicken, hot links and "spicy" Elephant Wings.
Customers often stand in line for up to an hour to get our sauce.

"I remember once in Reno the people were lining up faster than "Al" could cook the ribs. I told the crowd it would be another 45 minutes before the ribs would be ready. Then some lady told me to "just forget it because she was not going to leave Reno without those ribs". So needless to say, no one left the line and I went back inside the food booth".

It's the sauce that makes the meat taste so good, you can't decide whether to bite your finger or the rib. The smell has literally had the raccoons coming from the hills down to the city to check it out!

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